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Sadly we lost Varda this year but her legacy is firmly cemented as a genius of film.  Tous Courts is a 2 DVD set of her short films. 

I love her work so much, especially Cote, Yanco and Reponse de Femmes.

2 DVD set including: O Saison, O Chateaux + Plaisir d'amour en Iran + Du Cote de la Cote + Ydessa, Les Ours et etc... + Ulysse + Salut les Cubains + Oncle Yanco + Black Panthers + Reponse de Femmes + Les Dites Cariatides + L'opera-Mouffe + Elsa la Rosw + Le Lion Volatil + T'as de Beaux Escaliers, Tu Sais + Les Frances du Pont Mac Donald

Please note, this is a French DVD (Zone 2) so it will NOT play on normal North American DVD players.  Please make sure you can play it before you buy.

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