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50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Super soft vintage wash
Heather Grey

In 1986, Nancy Turner (later DJ Nancy Noise) spent the whole summer in Ibiza. Sometime in June she discovered Amnesia and became obsessed with the music its resident DJs, Alfredo and Leo Mas, were playing. It was like Balearic brainwashing! We left after the summer and literally all we spoke about was Amnesia. We were like lunatics. The following year, Turner saved enough money to go again for the whole season, and went to Amnesia every night. During those languid summer months she bumped into friend Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway, Johnny Walker and Danny Rampling, all equally blown away by the club and a new drug, ecstasy, that they'd sampled, leading to the birth to the UK rave scene of 1988, oft referred to as the second summer of love. Fit Guide


Size Chest Width Body Length
S 20.5 25
M 22.5 26
L 23.5


XL 24.5 28

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