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The Magic Word - L-I-D-G-T-T-F-T-A-T-I-M

Copyright 1940 by Robert Collier

Super rare book, this is an original copy, The Magic Word is still in print today.

The Law of Increase, In the Beginning, Treasure Mapping for Supply, "Wanted: Rain!", Catalysts of Power, The First Commandment, The Three Laws of Life, A Prayer for Work, First Causes, Strong Desire Essential to Success, Magnetic Power of Desire, The Master Formula for Getting What You Want, Putting Power Into Your Desire

I have this belief-that big or little, praise does win friends, wins respect for yourself, wins you a monetary return, and it helps a Pullman porter, a housewife, an industrialist to bigger, better things. It costs you nothing but a smile-but do be sincere. Like attracts like. Praise and appreciation bring back greater praise and appreciation to you. If you want health, happiness, in your life, if you are seeking riches and success, attune your thoughts to these. Let us remember the truth that we are greater than we know.

Good condition, spiral bound, overall yellowing on pages, some wear on front and back cover.

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